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For many business that have decided to go down the environmental path, it can be confusing or overwhelming and complex. Our mission is to simplify environmental management, make it easy to implement and a part of the way you do business.

What we do is not about generic requirements, it covers all the necessary aspects to fulfil the obligations of effective environmental management. E.g. If you need to know how to safely store your chemicals, the details is there, but that is not all, we will cover emergency response, safety data sheets, chemical registers and effective management among other things.

Whether you need a resource for environmental information, strategies and programs, or just someone to bounce ideas and strategies of, or even that second set of eyes to review documents, tenders or programs, at Enviro Footprint we have got you covered.

Environmental concern is now firmly embedded in public life: in education, medicine and law; in journalism, literature and art.
- Barry Commoner

Now it is up to business to take the lead. It is not only good for the environment, it is good for your bottom line. The way promote and develop environmental management and sustainability is through the economic advantages to your business.

There are three (3) programs for organisations starting out of the environmental or sustainability path.

But that is not all, if you need a specific program, we can develop and deliver to you or your staff.

If you are looking to further develop and/or simplify your environmental system, or even make it more accessible to your staff we can assist with ecoPortal.


We appreciate that not all business can employ an Environmental or Sustainability Manager. So we are providing a unique service to business through our memberPortal.

memberPortal is a support system and training program for effective environmental management, covering specific and numerous topics. Its free to register.

6P Green Program

The 6P Green Program is a Business Sustainability Program that provides a platform for the introduction of sustainability strategies and environmentally responsible practices.

The program is suitable for organisations from all business sectors including private enterprise, government departments, councils, non- profit organisations and small business owners.

6P Green Live

6P Green Live is an on-line business sustainability program that has been designed to help you reduce your energy usage, improve your bottom line and boost your brand reputation.

The program will help you easily create an Environmental Policy, measure your Carbon Footprint and establish a Sustainability Action Plan.

Small Green Steps

The Small Green Steps program is a sustainability program specifically developed for early childhood education and care services.

The Small Green Steps program has been designed to help you embed sustainable practices into your service operations in order to meet the objectives contained in the National Quality framework.

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